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Did You Know?

"Advantages of digital radiography include rapid image delivery, the ability to electronically transmit information to a consulting peer, and expeditious enlargement or other modification of radiographic images for enhanced diagnostic capabilities and patient education. In addition, digital radiography eliminates the need for a dark-room as well as the cost and stocking of film and processing chemicals… With digital imaging, the amount of radiation needed to create an image is reduced by 50 to 90 percent, depending on the system."

(Source: J Am Dent Assoc, Vol 132, No 2, 234-238)

Hosted Electronic Oral Health Records

With funding through HRSA's HIT INNOVATIONS grant, CHCA launched Electronic Oral Health Records (EOHR). The three-year innovations grant includes funding to assist with licensing, implementation, and initial server and storage acquisitions. CHCA is stretching each dollar to help build the infrastructure necessary to eventually support all members offering oral health services to their communities.

Benefits of EOHR adoption are far reaching, impacting safety, quality, and cost effectiveness, while helping to improve health outcomes. EOHR, with its associated ancillary equipment and workflow enhancements decreases the amount of time required for pulling paper charts, tracking referrals to and from medical providers (along with associated exam reports and recommendations), and many other administrative tasks. The deployment of digital x-rays allows time used in capturing and developing dental x-rays, along with costs for maintaining dark room chemicals and equipment, to be reallocated. The capacity to schedule more patients during clinic hours, thanks to these time savings, helps provide additional access to care without the need and cost of additional staffing or facility space.

Quality measures being tracked through this initiative include improved compliance with referrals for pediatric patients and those living with diabetes or HIV/AIDS; improved effectiveness with the percent of treatment plans completed within specified time frames; and improved efficiency, with a greater number of preventive oral health care appointments kept.

As with the Electronic Health Records system, CHCA has an interface from Practice Management (Medical Manager) for both demographics and appointment scheduling.

If you are ready to take the next step towards EOHR, contact us to share your plans and learn more about this important addition to CHCA's core offerings.